Today privacy raises more concerns than ever, after Edward Snowden published the mass surveillance program run by US government. Also big Internet companies are harvesting user data so they could use it for their own good.

We think that everyone has a right to browse Internet without being spied or profiled. People who say they don't care about this because they have nothing to hide. Well everyone has something to hide. Same people are closing their blinds at home and have their private journals hidden in locked drawer. With Internet it's the same thing. You have a right to browse the Internet safely and anonymously.

We provide now the first tool to help you. This is meta search engine Searx. It will search for major search engines and gives you the results, but not profiling you. That means, results are not personalized for you. The search engines won't know it's you. That gives the tagline to the search "Your search, your results". Meaning you're the only one seeing the results.

Searchies are made in the way, that it won't show in our logs or in your browser history. We only log 3 things from you.

Things we collect
- Time of visit
- HTTP status code
- Bytes transferred
Example log entry looks like this:
[22/Jun/2017:12:21:30 +0000] 200 23320
[22/Jun/2017:12:23:13 +0000] 200 8898
[22/Jun/2017:13:47:27 +0000] 200 3452

These are done just to see if we have to upscale the server for more visitors. We don't see your IP address or used browser, so we can't profile you. We are not interested that. We want to offer you safe way to search data in the Internet.

You can reach the search in address PRVCY SEARX or with tor Onion link

We are planning to provide more privacy related services later. This searx is the first and we see how things start from here. You can start to use Searx from the right

Start to use Searx here:

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